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Family Matters

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I received a phone call a few years ago from my mom. She was so emotional, I could not understand her. I called my sister to see if I needed to leave Louisiana to come home (Oklahoma) to say good-bye to my dad.

My daughters were freaking out; crying and running around in circles - thinking my dad had passed as they got bits and pieces of the conversation. I watch them from the corner of my eyes and quickly realized if anything happens to my dad. I am going to need to be strong for them.

For my dad, GOD allowed him more days to spend with his family and friends. We can laugh about my father’s scare now! He woke up and immediately wanted to see ALL his family and requested a family reunion. We were happy to give him his accolades, so everyone worked hard to make his wish come true.

I think it is important to try to have a Family Reunion at least every 4 – 5 years. Plan the perfect family reunion and get to know your family because you never know what can come out of getting to know your family: learn your history, start a business venture, or find a cousin who loves to travel as much as you.

I start this blog today In Loving Memory of the Angels taken too soon. (Silent prayer). I believe we all have encountered a bad car accident or so sick you do not think you will survive another day. On that day, I hope you realized just how precious time is.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed to no one so LIVE LIFE TODAY!

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