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Frohes Neues Jahr

Frohes Neues Jahr is how people say, Happy New Year in Germany. I am currently spending my New Year in a beautiful city called Munich or Munchen. The link will give you a taste of what I have seen.

During the holidays, a lot of people get depressed. I was one of those people. I found myself not where I figured I would be in life but divorce, death, and many other unforeseeable things can lead you on a different journey. I encourage you to take a minute to REFLECT, take ACCOUNTABILITY if there was anything you could have done differently, and FORGIVE. The forgiveness is not for them, my friend. The forgiveness is for YOU! You have to forgive them and move in a different direction but a direction healthy for you to be happy in your life at the place you are right now. Learn to live with or without the thing you want for others, and learn to trust GOD to bring you the thing you need the most, and the wisdom to see it. I refused to let depression get me, so I got out and celebrated my holidays in Austria, Hungary, and Germany. Let your word for 2024 be "Forgiveness" - silently forgive the person(s) that hurt you, pray for them, and live a better life.

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